Evvoia is a beautiful island with dramatic scenery and forests, but is little visited.
Mediterranean Islands, Survival Books 2008

Evia (also known as Euboea) is Greece’s second largest island (after Crete) and the Mediterranean’s sixth largest island. It is approximately 175km long and is well known for its fine scenery, especially in the north. Despite its size and beauty, the island remains unspoilt, partly helped by the absence of an airport.

Although a relative backwater today, the island has a rich history. During the 8th and 7th centuries BCE, the two cities of Eretria and Halkida were prosperous and colonized much of Southern Italy and Sicily. Evia regained its importance during the Venetian occupation (13-15th centuries CE), when its strategic location in the Aegean was of great importance again. During this time both Evia and her capital (Halkida) were known as Negroponte.

Evia’s size, varied scenery and coastline means that there is always something new to explore on the island. At the same time, Evia is also famous for some of the best fish and seafood in all of Greece.

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